GTGlobe PEX products are spreading like a virus. Homeowners or plumbers, it doesn‘t matter, because PEX products are not biased and creating winning relationships with either of them is GT Industries motto. Check out….
GTGlobe Industries has been selling certified and approved plumbing products all over the globe for over 30 years now. GTGlobe Industries has upturned various obstacles in the still/ever maturing PEX industry. Scenarios shifts:
“The water is salty!! Is that just water contamination, or is it our piping system”.
“Now I have it, we love it, thank you for the advice and saving us some valuable housekeeping time. I would do it again, we did it because we live in Ontario and the pipes sometimes freeze here in the winter. Few people we know, who have started building houses after us are using PEX after seeing our setup”
…Have been possible because of continuous research in PEX industry and GTGlobe has fully utilized them to come up with best possible products for the people and businesses.
GTGlobe products are certified by the who‘s who in the industry (NSF, ASTM, CSA, etc) and the products come with a warranty of 25—“Just to tell you that we won‘t leave you after we are done selling the product to you”.
Some of the best in line products from GTGlobal are:
· GTFlow
Each PEX series product is designed for specific needs, please check out website for more info on the same.