Our currency is open to buy bitcoin or real estate for businesses, public and private. A few investors help us and buy our currency in limited quantity. However, the grand dollars is already in use in the GOV IUKAC Empire and Internal use too.  This 2 currency is the official currency of the GOV IUKAC Empire and kingdom of New Spain.

The price of dukedom grand dollars today is 1 dukedom grand dollars = 2.31 Euros

The dukedom grand dollars and Denarios are controlled by the federal reserve of GOV IUKAC bank. We continue promoting our banknote for use in the international market. The dukedom grand dollars is a royal patent created by King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo in 2012.

It is a business, a sovereign business we have already running. 2.3 billion Dukedom grand dollars = exchange to euros is 5.3 billion of euros. In these months, the 2 currency have same price.  

 1 D.G.D. = 2.31 euros. In dollars, it is USA 2.57 dollars.

We have monetary union organization created by IDWN. For help management project, we still work a few bilateral agreement pending.

This monetary union have assignation of 500 million dukedom grand dollars.

We will continue to quote in the GOV IUKAC stock market


We keep our sovereign currency of honor. 

By the grace of God

King Ludwig Falkenstein

King of GOV IUKAC Empire

Federal Reserve of GOV IUKAC Bank

[email protected]