Toronto, Canada - GAO Fiber Optics ( has announced the availability of this well-designed fiber optic power meter covering a full range of fiber optic applications. This portable power meter is suitable for use in communication engineering of LAN, CATV and long-distance fiber optic trunk and active and passive fiber optic devices. It conveniently performs optical measurements for optical power and loss at five calibrated wavelengths. The power meter features a portable, durable design, light weight and simple, three-key operation making it ideal for on-the-spot field measurements.
This portable fiber optic power meter, model XG3010, operates at a wavelength range from 750nm to 1700nm. It is equipped with a high resolution backlit LCD screen and supports single-mode and multi-mode measurements, auto-ranging and auto-zeroing. The smart meter automatically shuts down to conserve power when there is no action within approximately 10 minutes. This compact power meter offers three fast keys for convenient operation ON/OFF, dB/üW key for switching between absolute power mode and relevant loss mode, and l key for viewing or setting references and changing measurement wavelengths. The fiber optic power meter incorporates a quick-connect universal adapter interface, which can accommodate any standard fiber optical connector such as FC-ST, FC-SC, FC-DIN or ST-SC via a corresponding adapter cap. All industry standard optical connectors can be accommodated by an adapter cap.
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