This press release informs the readers that Harry Coker is one of the most experienced and expert real estate agents who primarily provides services in Atlanta Georgia.

Harry Coker is a well known name in the real estate industry in and around the state of Georgia. This real estate agent was determined to succeed when he started and till date is passionate about excelling each day by rendering best real estate services to his clients. His No Quit attitude and hard work are the secrets of his success. Harry Coker provides real estate consultancy to both local and foreign investors. He also helps home buyers take the right decision.

Due to his real estate know-how and management skills, Harry Coker has a long list of satisfied clients. He has many long term real estate investing clients who depend on Coker's advice while investing. This is because they have made millions by following his advice. Harry Cooker thinks that this is the perfect time to invest in real estate in US as the market will surely show an upward price trend in the coming years.

Harry Coker also runs a reliable and trusted mortgage company apart from real estate consultancy in Georgia. Harry Coker is well qualified and has all the skills that an excellent realtor should have. Harry Coker started in May 2001 and given his strong track record and solid client database his mortgage firm survived the crash and demise of the mortgage market in USA.

Harry Coker is a licensed real estate agent who has been providing realtor services in Maryland and Georgia. One of Harry Coker‘s signature specialties is the extra effort that he puts in and sincere guidance that he provides his clients old or new, first time buyers or experienced.

Other than that one of the prime spheres that Harry Coker is involved with the HUD or the United States Department and Urban Development. HUD is a special venture on the part of the Government of the United States whereby it is trying to fulfill the mission of increasing the number of home ownerships in the country. Even the Georgia teachers are included in these plans whereby the government aims at giving them an opportunity to buy homes at 50% off on the real prices. One of his target markets for HUD is directed towards teachers. Since the time when he first started working in the context of the HUD program he has made marked contributions in supporting first time home owners with mortgages and teachers who are seeking housing in and around Georgia. Visit for more information.

Presently he is well established in the real estate market in Georgia and Maryland and plans to extend his business venture to a level where he and his company become a brand name. In fact he aspires to emerge as the last name that one would like to call upon when considering a real estate investment in USA especially in Georgia.

Harry Coker is the managing director of, which is the leader in the market of Harry Coker, catering to the needs of First Responders all across the globe.