HEALTH SANCTUARY Personal Care launched a new line of Advanced Weight Management products encased in attractive Packaging nationwide. The Range of products include Items like the INSTA TRIM and the HS TRIM products that offer advanced solutions for day to day Weight Management needs of individuals relating to Obesity and associated consequential problems that people keep facing on a regular basis.

The range of products are an addition to the existing Services that Health Sanctuary is famous for providing in the Health Care and Body Shaping domain. Some of these Services being Weight Loss, Slimming, Dermatology, Skin Care, Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Treatments and Permanent Laser Hair Reduction, Ayurveda, Nutritional and Medical Consultation etc etc.

HEALTH SANCTUARY's Weight Management products are based on the age old wisdom of Herbs and Ayurveda, combined through Modern Scientific techniques and hence come under the umbrella of HEALTH SANCTUARY's Personal Care division.

Commenting on the new launch Ms Shubi Husain, Managing Director, HEALTH SANCTUARY Pvt. Ltd. said “The new Products have been developed after years of hard work and R & D. Helping us in our endeavour was T & S of France, in whose collaboration Health Sanctuary could come up with the Revolutionary Herbal Formulation that helps reduce weight Silently, thus letting one live light naturally. One of our Products "Insta TRIM", the Anti Cellulite Gel was developed in keeping with the growing needs of our target consumers the Urban Indian Men and Women.

Our target clientele is an individual who is confident, educated, demands natural, safe yet effective solutions that give visible results and who do not compromise on quality. With these new products we have successfully provided answers to all the Weight Management needs of our reverred Clients,”

Commenting on the new packaging She further added “Our Packaging design also went through a tedious process of critical examination and elemination and has finally been developed keeping our target segment in mind & the ease with which they can find and use the right product from the retail shelf. We are confident that with the combination of the range of Advanced Weight Management Solutions & the adopted approach to Packaging, our Products will gain Cutting Edge Market Acceptance in no time.”

HEALTH SANCTUARY's new range of Weight Management Solutions defies the conventional Weight Loss logic prevalent in the products available in the market and which require the individuals to consume them mostly orally. Unlike this, HEALTH SANCTUARY'S products like the "Insta TRIM" Anticellulite Gel is for external application only and therefore has Nil side effects, Additionlly, R & D is in progress for developing many other lines of HEALTH SANCTUARY Products that includes Skin Tightening , Skin Lightening and Acne control.

The range broadly caters to the HS line of thinking that can be categorized as: Weight Management - For Weight Loss or Weight Gain purposes; Skin Defense- Fights against pollution; Fair skin- For lighter complexion; Skin tightening for younger skin and Acne control for blemish free skin.

In the words of its Director, Personal Care & Head, Franchising, Mr. R H Choudhry, "The fresh approach to the Products so launched will also be carried in the Extensive Advertisement campaign that showcases careful choice of Trademarks, Creatives and fresh faced Models being associated with the positioning of the products.

The products so launched come with the seal of HEALTH SANCTUARY Personal Care logo that reiterates HEALTH SANCTUARY's commitment to Quality products and underlines the usefulness of our Ancient Indian Science "The Ayurveda".

The products will initially be available off the Shelf from HEALTH SANCTUARY chain of Clinics and thereafter within a couple of months from Beauty Counters at niche Stores, pan India. HEALTH SANCTUARY's Nutritionists and Dieticians have been assigned specifically for providing Free (Body Composition Analysis) BCA and personal recommendations on Weight Management. For purchasing online one can visit Indiadiets Store at link