After three years of blogging motivated towards the well being of all, where naturally found substances and their wonders were discussed and described we have decided to buy a domain and shift the contents. This has been possible only because of the overwhelming support that the readers of the blog healthzone gave through out all these years. The website is available at

Now the website with over 100 posts is available on various topics with numerous categories. The most popular of them being anti oxidants, alternative healing, stress busters, massage benefits, health benefits of cloves, fitness and so on. Lots of activities are going on the website, with new authors, new posts and competitions in the very near future.

Lots of posts regarding the nutrional benefits of fruits and vegetables. You can realise after visiting this website that simply altering in your diet to include a few fruits and vegetables would prevent so many diseases and problems in your life.

Pay a visit to the website to check out the latest happenings in the world of health care and nutrition.