Heat Seal is a technology, method and process of uniting plastic packaging material in certain forms to form an airtight seal by applying heat to fuse the edges of the material together under certain time, temperature and pressure. Usually, the testing materials are plastic films, laminated films and other flexible packaging materials, coatings, etc. More relevant information can be found in Labthink official website: www.labthink.cn.
Heat seal is applied for better quality guarantee and shelf-life of packed products. For example, under good heat seal condition, gas pouches for food packages can protect the food during transportation, storage and shelf-life period so as to reduce damage and confirm product quality. For another example, packaging material with good barrier property and proper heat seal process during production, can greatly reduce oxidization and deterioration ratio of food, medicines, electronic products and so on, and thus, reduce costs cause by packaging problems.
Owing to the different heat seal indexes of different packaging materials, a heat seal tester is needed for heat seal testing of the flexible packaging materials, so as to find best heat seal process indexes of the material, satisfy production demands and reduce costs. Therefore, food, medicine and packaging manufacturers need heat seal tester for quality control of packaging materials and its heat seal performances.
Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd., as the leading researcher and manufacturer of physical property testing instruments, has complete and experienced heat seal solutions. Labthink PARAM HST series of heat seal testers comply with ASTM F 2029, YBB00122003 and other international standards, with broad heat seal temperature range and accuracy.
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