Pro Desks Mongoose is a sharp looking laptop stand has all features that 2016 Super Duty truck drivers need.

The new Ford F250 to F750 Super Duty truck laptop stand is an in-cab desk that matches the quality of the vehicle stride for stride; the Mongoose features best-in-class positioning, stability and security with a no-drilling-needed install.

The Mongoose vehicle mount looks like the customized purpose-built accessory it is, with an attractive aluminum desktop and black powdercoating throughout. Every piece of this system is made of rock solid material.

The adjustable design is squarely centered in a Super Duty cab so console controls are easy to reach and passengers have plenty of room. The Mongoose top rotates through 360 degrees and is paired with a patented slide arm to position the laptop easily. A handle-locking tilting clevis mount sets the perfect keyboard angle in seconds.

The vehicle mount isn't just a pretty face. A heavy duty latch system with a key lock adjusts for deeper ruggedized laptops and opens side to side for even 17” widescreen laptops. The brackets that hold down the computer body are fully adjustable, strong enough to withstand attack and stable.

The desk exhibits superior all-steel engineering underneath to provide for years of service life. The mounting post telescopes for height adjustment.

A custom mount plate is used for the Ford F250 to F750 Super Duty trucks so mounting bolts are set into the existing seat mounts under the passenger seat. New mount holes aren’t needed. Mounting plates are also matched to other popular trucks to make switching to a new vehicle is a simple operation.

Ideal for bigger computers, the system is supplied with an optional support arm to lend another dimension of support to the base.

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