America's largest and most advanced hemp weaving and knitting mill, Hem Mills Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign which it hopes will breathe life into the lost art of hemp weaving. The company is focused on starting the hemp revolution by helping new hemppreneurs turn their hemp ideas into premium quality hemp fabrics.

Armed with the most elite weaving experts, Hem Mills Inc. blends world-class textile development experience with modern science to bring to the world its exclusive list of authentic 100% hemp fabric. This includes a 100% hemp dog leash, a 180" semi-elastic stretch boxing hand wraps and the most advanced natural stretching yoga straps available in the market. With this healthy and premium quality product line, Hem is hoping to lead a paradigm shift away from synthetic and chemical filled cotton fabrics and they are counting on your support to achieve it.

The campaign goal is set at around $43,000 and features lots of great rewards with every donation. The reward ranges from receiving a hemp life exclusive vinyl sticker to something as huge as getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Hem's world-class and most advanced hemp milling process. By pledging a minimum of $19, contributors can expect to get Hemps semi-elastic boxing hand wraps. The hand wraps are developed by boxers and the textile experts at Hem and have been proven to be stronger and offer more elasticity than any other cotton/nylon boxing hand wraps. A $25 campaign pledge will get contributors any of a heavy-duty hemp dog leash or a super yoga stretching strap. Hemppreneurs who would like to develop their own fabric, have a tour of the world’s most advanced hemp weaving mill and get to know the secret production process behind Hem Mills products will need to pledge a minimum of $8000.

To find out more about the campaign and to make a pledge, please click here,

Contributors will also be helping to get rid of synthetic and chemical fabrics and help build a healthier and safer environment. All of Hem mills signature products are non-toxic, natural, have antimicrobial properties and are non-biodegradable.

Media Contact:

Madison Sexton
Founder of Hem Mill Inc.
[email protected]