January 6th 2009,

Hello- Global.com, a leading Japanese business development and market insight company, is expanding its services in order to further support their global customers.

The new service can be found in the Japan Market Insight section on their homepage. It focuses on surveys, using their consumer trend databank, to give current tendencies of Japanese consumers surveyed on topics including shopping malls, jeans, tennis shoes and even wallets. Hello-Global.com hopes to provide both existing and potential clients with market information to assist in their business development growth.

One of the surveys focused on sports activities for both Japanese men and women (400 in total) equally segregated between age (20-59) and gender. Questions ranged from which sports they currently play, used to play and would like to play.

Interestingly, the most popular forms of sport for men and women were jogging and walking. For men in their twenties, futsal (football/soccer generally played indoors) was at the forefront. Due to the lack of space in Tokyo, some department stores have installed pitches on their roofs. Also skiing was popular for men in their forties.

With regards to sports they used to play, tennis and skiing were the most popular for women whilst baseball and soccer for men. For Japanese females, badminton was also high on their list. The sport which was most appealing to both men and women, for the future, was scuba-diving even for men in their fifties whereas swimming was more interesting for women of the same age group.

Hello-Global.com will be making future additions to these surveys over the course of the coming months. For this and more consumer trend data, view the link below

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