September 28th 2009,

The latest market insight article from shows that the gaming fever is still a major crowd puller here in Tokyo. The Tokyo Game Show ran from September 24 to September 27th at the Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall on the outskirts of Tokyo. As expected the crowds of gamers, geeks and thrill-seekers came from all quarters to attend the annual four day event.

In keeping with the eco-friendly approach, this year`s event used “green power” generated by a biomass power station. The major powerhouses of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft were also displaying their latest technology.

The article highlights one the latest and most anticipated games called Dragon Quest for the Nintendo DS system. This provides one of the elements we should be seeing more of in the future. This game`s unique quality is based on sharing key items for the game through each players` gaming device (which can be obtained even by walking next to another player in the street). The television commercial for this game is also shown regularly on Japanese television. There was even a recent major gathering for fans of the game in Akihabara for the specific purpose of game sharing for Dragon Quest. Tokyo`s famous “Electric Town” in the heart of Tokyo which entices a vast amount of overseas visitors on a daily basis not only for games but also the latest in software and hardware technology.

Due to the downloadable i-Phone games which are becoming more popular, we are likely to see an increase in the downloading of gaming software from the internet onto game devices which is ultimately likely to generate big business for companies in Japan and overseas.

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