September 18th 2009, (business concierge to foreign companies entering the Japan market) recently released the first in a series of market insight articles highlighting Japan.

The recent articles show the eco-friendly joint business ventures enfolding in Japan. Even in the current economic climate, companies want to expand into Japan but do not have access to the current updates, trends and systems in place in order to create a successful business in these shores. For instance, many foreign based companies are unaware of the strong support programs available though the Japanese government.

The economic powerhouses of Japan and the US with their new administrations in Hatoyama and Obama respectively have strong ties and it can be assumed these will certainly grow in future. Joint ventures seem to be increasing and one notable union between the two countries has come in the form of taxi industry in Japan.

A pilot program sponsored by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), has brought Nihon Kotsu (Japan`s largest taxi company) and Better Place (US based electric car charging network developer) together to create the first car battery-switching stations in Tokyo. In a time when ecology is becoming more evident in our daily lives, it seems like a good move, especially when faced with the long lines of taxis polluting the streets of Tokyo.

Another article noted that joint ventures with the high success rates are the vendors who unite advanced technology/engineering with local Japanese manufacturing companies. One successful partnership is between Nohmi-Bosai Ltd. (Japanese provider of fire protection systems) and Swagelok (American fluid systems technology firm) who have created an environmentally sensitive cooling system known as “Dry Mist”.

It is clear that there is a strong potential for joint ventures in Japan with these new government organization programs in place and we should see many more of these partnerships developing over the coming years.

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