There are mainly two types of diabetes. Diabetes Type I and Type II. People with Type I Diabetes Mellitus (medically known as IDDM insulin dependent diabetes) have little or absence of the hormone insulin. In Type II diabetes mellitus (medically known as NIDDM non insulin dependent diabetes), the body continues manufacturing insulin, oftentimes even higher than normal quantities.

Type II Diabetes mellitus generally begins after age 30 and progresses with age. Obesity is one of the major risk factor for Diabetes Type II as about 80-90% of the people with diabetes are found to be obese. There are many anti-diabetic medicines available on the market ranging from herbal cures to synthetic products and also hormones those are injected directly into the skin.

The maintenance of any type of diabetes is extremely difficult for the sufferer; there are various health supplements for diabetes that can help maintaining the insulin and blood glucose levels, however, health care providers suggest them to be used in conjunction with healthy dietary pattern and some specific exercises.

However, Diabecon is well known anti-diabetic supplement that is completely herbal and possesses goodness of all natural plant extracts. Diabetes with insulin dependency is quite difficult to cure and therefore, supplying insulin to the body is the only way to tackle this deadly health ailment. However, diabetes that is not dependent on insulin can be tackled using some natural product like Diabecon.

Benefits of Diabecon: - There are many benefits taking Diabecon as a way for diabetes cure. Some of its prime benefits are mentioned below:-

1. The regular use of Diabecon helps maintaining blood glucose levels in the body.
2. The active ingredients present in Diabecon helps providing a variety of antioxidant that help fighting against free radicals.
3. Diabecon, as its knock-on effect, serves as natural appetite suppressant that help controlling the urge to take sweet dishes or any food that has sugar.
4. By maintaining the blood glucose levels, Diabecon helps improving energy and also balancing the mood.
5. Diabetes, if kept under control using Diabecon, can improve mental concentration and overall wellbeing.

Natural remedies have been prescribed in folk medicine for thousands of years to maintain and restore pancreatic health, the endocrine system and its concerned function. In most recent times, medical clinical trials have confirmed the importance of natural remedies to control the blood glucose levels.

Diabecon is said to have several synergistically acting all natural herbal extracts as ingredients that possess anti-diabetic action. Many people suffering from diabetes have stated that they found a relief that they had never found before, especially when Diabecon was accompanied with anti-diabetic healthy diet and some special holistic exercises such as yogasanas, meditation and pranayamas.

Diabecon from Himalaya Herbals is an herbal Ayurvedic formulation and there are many clinical trials favor that the supplement serves as insulin and helps in the blood glycemic control. Regular consumption of this herbal remedy as diabetic treatment can help promoting the glucose utilization and hence reduces its levels in the bloodstream preventing diabetes.

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