For many industries, High-precision cold drawn tubes and High-precision honing tubes are very important components. You can now procure High-precision cold drawn tubes with various specifications from China based Jiaozuo Hainaxin Company. The company has a well-equipped production facility with an annual production capacity of thousands of metric tons to meet the global demand of High-precision cold drawn tubes.

Jiaozuo Hainaxin Company manufactures High-precision cold drawn tubes in square, round, oval and special shaped cross sections. With higher percentage Nickel and Carbon materials, they achieve a quality material composition for manufacturing tubes that have excellent tensile strength to suit the requirements of different industrial applications. Customers can choose High-precision cold drawn tubes, available in different thicknesses and lengths to meet their specific industrial needs.

Customers can also choose from different types of High-precision honing tubes , available with different outer diameter range, wall thicknesses and lengths. Made using hot rolled and cold drawn production mechanism, the pipes are available in different standards to choose from. One can pick from black steel pipes and mild steel pipes that can meet their different types of industrial applications.

Jiaozuo Hainaxin Company also specializes in the production of API 5CT pipes, available in different standards and different specifications to choose from. The pipes are available with different types of surface coatings, such as transparent varnished with the surface mark. Companies can choose these pipes with plastic ends or other types of protectors at both the ends. The company can supply pipes in different lengths as per the customer demand. Available with the ISO9001:2008 standard, industries can rely on these pipes for their quality and durability.

According to the spokesperson of the Chinese company, they have more than 5 years of experience of manufacturing and supplying high quality steel tubes and pipes for different industrial applications. They employ the latest technology and choose the best materials to produce high grade tubes and pipes for industries around the world. To know more about the products and their specifications, one can visit the website http://shop.en.epcofchina.com/

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