With Hollywood, knowing the talk is part of walking the walk.

Los Angeles, CA

With Hollywood, knowing the talk is part of walking the walk. So where can you learn the dynamic terminology of such a trendy industry?

Enter Hollywords, an encyclopedic dictionary of thousands of entertainment terms. Hollywords has been meticulously compiled since 2002, and a three thousand term subset is available on Spreety.com.

The terms span the sophisticated (i.e. avant-garde), to the technical (i.e. variable bit-rate encoding), to the pop-culture (chick flick). Everyone from a casual fan to a chiseled industry expert will find something new to learn.

"At Spreety, we were looking for a quality glossary to compliment our free Entertainment PC e-book. The Hollywords knowledge and depth far exceeded our expectations", Ron Laughton, co-founder of Spreety's Guide to Watch TV Shows Online.

"People often use slang and technical jargon to exclude the uninitiated from the inner circle. Hollywords breaks down these barriers and Spreety is an ideal platform to help us spread the word", Richard W. Kroon, founder of Hollywords.

One question remains: will a word like Spreety ever make the Hollywords list? Only time will tell.

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