-- the people who are passionate about cat food are using the recipes for homemade cat treats . In an effort to calm the panic of cat owners caused by recent product recalls, Purely for Pets, one of the first holistic pet care companies, boldly offers recipes on the company‘s website, These natural and nutritious meals, which can be cooked in your own kitchen. The Whole Pet Diet: few Weeks to Great Health for Cats. If you‘re kitchen-challenged, some of these recipes are available in food stores across the country, Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe.
Our mission to educate pet lovers about the typical unsavory ingredients found in commercial pet foods, says that her primary concern is purely for pets, unlike some of the companies subjected to the recall. “It‘s shocking what commercial feed companies can add to their food,” veterinarian-prescribed, commercial food for her own cat was surprisingly contributing to his health problems. “After I learned the allowable residues that can be found in pet food, I wanted to share my findings with everyone who was desperate to discover how to have healthier pets; and word spread quickly as others put their own pets on my natural whole food regimen.”
While most people are comfortable and accustomed to feeding their pet ready cat food, there are many who dispute the nutritional value of these packaged foods, and are suspicious of their contents. Some owners are concerned that nutritious homemade cat food may not cater to all of the nutritional needs of their pooch. Let me assure you that nutritious homemade cat food can be just as nutritious, sometimes even more, than commercially prepared cat food.
Now I know what the most nutritious homemade cat food is, I know what cats like and I can vary the meals so they get something different every day of the week. holistic cat food recipe must contain the essential meat that cats need, but just by varying one ingredient, you can create a difference that will stimulate your cats appetite.
An increasing number of pet owners are choosing to switch from commercially produced pet foods to a more natural diet for their pet, even going to the extent of using a healthy homemade cat food recipe in order to make more natural, healthy food for their cat than what is offered by their pet store.
Homemade cat treat recipes are fun and easy to make, and homemade cat treat recipes will save a considerable amount of money, especially where there is more than one cat in the household. Consider the following cat treat recipes and make your special cat a variety of homemade treats he/she will absolutely love.
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