Toronto, Canada -GAO Fiber Optics (, a leading supplier of fiber optic instruments, has rolled out a series of SFP optical transceivers. These hot-pluggable modules are compliant with ITU-T G.957 and G.958, Bellcore TA-NWT-000983 and IEC60825-1 standards. The transceiver series operates at a wavelength of 1310nm with a maximum data rate of 455Mb/s. They support single-mode operation and are compliant with specifications for multi-source package with duplex LC connector. Each member of the transceiver series has an eye safety design meeting Laser Class1 standards. The small form factor pluggable transceiver modules are designed for switch to switch interface, switch backplane applications, router/server interface and other optical transmission systems.
The transmitter section and receiver section work independently in the transceiver. The receiver section contains an InGaAs PIN photodiode, a trans-impedance amplifier and a post amplifier that receives an optical signal and converts it to electrical data. The receiver section contains a1310nm FP laser diode with back-facet monitor and a laser driver with APC functionality and converts electrical input data to a steady optical output signal.
This series of transceivers has the following models: HSFP-03-1311S-12, HSFP-12-1311S-12, HSFP-03-1311S-22, HSFP-03-1521S-12, HSFP-03-1521S-22, HSFP-03-3311M-12, HSFP-03-3311M-22, HSFP-03-3311S-12, HSFP-03-3311S-22, HSFP-03-3831M-12, HSFP-03-3831M-22, HSFP-12-1311S-22, HSFP-12-1521S-12, HSFP-12-1521S-22, HSFP-12-3311S-12, HSFP-12-3311S-22, HSFP-24-1321S-12, HSFP-24-1321S-22, HSFP-24-1521S-12, HSFP-24-1521S-22, HSFP-24-3311S-12, HSFP-24-3311S-22, HSFP-24-3831M-12, HSFP-24-3831M-22, HSFP-48-1521S-12, HSFP-48-1521S-22, HSFP-48-2321S-12, HSFP-48-2321S-22, HSFP-48-3311S-12, HSFP-48-3311S-22, HSFP-48-3831M-11, HSFP-48-3831M-12, HSFP-48-3831M-21, HSFP-48-3831M-22.
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