UK, - House Hustler, the fastest growing student property portal in the UK, is thrilled to announce it has just launched a brand new website, enabling students to locate property swiftly and easily online.

House Hustler is already the largest student homes portal in Newcastle and Leeds and has recently opened offices in seven new cities: London, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Sheffield. With students looking for accommodation in these cities from across the UK and abroad, they felt it was time to offer an easier way to link up students with prospective landlords - hence, the new website at

Now, people anywhere can search online for suitable accommodation for students in the areas they are studying. The site incorporates an easy-to-search function, and hints and tips for students to get the best out of their experience, including money saving tips and house sharing options.

Rather than trawling through the local newspapers or following dubious free ads in shop windows, houses for students can be tracked down from the comfort of their own homes, and set off for further education secure in the knowledge they have somewhere to stay when they get there.

The internet is the leading communication network for young people in the UK. With the new generation of Smart Phones offering them the "PC in their pocket" the internet is the best possible platform for House Hustler to advertise their service.

House Hustler is good news for both students and landlords, who now have a friendly and user friendly method of interaction. The overall aim is to improve the student lettings industry.

"Student tenants often get a bad press," said a House Hustler spokesman. "But then, so do landlords. Hopefully, our new website will provide the right platform to foster better relations between them."

To see House Hustler's web page, go to For more information email [email protected], or call 0113 237 9604