When you are using a car shipping company to get your vehicle transported a long distance, you will need to prepare your car for the journey. You can't simply expect the auto transport to show up and load your car up. Unless your car is in the proper state for traveling a long distance, you will not be able to successfully move the vehicle. Preparing the car is not only going to make it able to travel safely, but it will help protect all of your property as well. The auto transport service will only insure certain factors about the car, so you will need to take care of the rest of the details before traveling.

In order to be successfully moved by a car shipping company, you will need to empty the car of all of your personal belongings. Theft of or damage caused to your personal effects within the car will not be covered. Therefore, you will want to remove everything from within the vehicle. This will also aid to lighten the load of the vehicle itself, which is important when shipping it. An auto transport is not meant to carry more than a certain weight limit. You will need to make sure that your vehicle is within their guidelines.

You will also need to prepare the exterior of your car for long distance traveling. If there are any cracks or chips in your windshield, they will need to be immediately repaired. These cracks can spread without much trouble, especially against high wind and in colder weather. Many auto transport companies will not carry your vehicle on the journey unless this has been taken care of. You will also want to prepare the exterior of the vehicle for a change in weather. This can mean preparing for rust on the undercarriage and taking all other necessary preparations before the car shipping service takes over.

Calculating out the total costs may be another important step in preparing for an auto transport. The entire distance of the journey will be subject to fees as well as the paths which are being taken. The distance which the car shipping company needs to travel not only when delivering your car but in picking it up as well, will be calculated. The longer you can travel on major highways, the less expensive the delivery will be.

Both you and the driver who is in charge of the auto transport will review the vehicle before and after the journey. A report will be filled out, detailing the exact condition of the car before it is loaded onto the transport. When the car shipping service delivers the vehicle, the initial report will be consulted once more. If any damages have happened during the journey, the auto transport company's insurance will cover the repairs. This is how you know that a car shipping service is a reliable method to make sure that your vehicles get delivered where you need them the most when you have no other options to get it there!

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