Is your water garden plagued by algae? These plants can become a nuisance because they can make your garden pond a green mess. The unsightly color and bad quality of water will defeat the purpose of having a garden pond. And if you are maintaining a fish pond, then an invasion of algae will surely result to severe fish kills. That is why you need to have an effective pond algae control system for your water garden. One of the best devices that you can use is a pond UV filter. However, you still need to combine a UV filter with other pond algae control systems like placing water plants and keeping good water circulation.

Planting water plants and keeping good water circulation is easy. All you need to do is to put floating water plants in the pond. These water plants will not allow algae to grow because they can effectively block sunlight. They also consume water nutrients thus depriving the algae of their needed food. On the other hand, maintaining good water circulation requires some extra effort from you. You need to properly maintain the drainage system of your pond in order to keep optimum flow of water. Aside from regular cleanup of the drains, you must replace pond water regularly. To keep good water quality, you should drain at least 75 percent of the water periodically. There are times however when these steps are not effective, that is why you have to install pond UV filter in order to ensure complete pond algae control.

A pond UV filter is a misnomer. This device is not a filter and will not eliminate solid debris and small floating objects in the pond. A pond UV filter is more like algae killer and water purifier. It emits ultraviolet light which could destroy the DNA of these plants. A UV filter is installed in the pond and it is coupled with a suction pump. Pond water will be sucked together with the algae so they can pass through the ultraviolet light. Once the algae come in contact with this ultraviolet light, then they will be killed eventually. A UV filter can not produce overnight results. It works slowly by gradually killing free floating algae in the pond. However, this device is the most efficient and the most effective pond algae control system that you can use.

In order to be effective, you have to regularly clean the sleeve of the UV filter. This sleeve will be covered by slime over time thus preventing the ultraviolet light to penetrate the water and make contact with algae. If it is covered with slime, then you cannot expect it to kill algae on contact. So you have to keep the sleeve clean in order to make the UV filter effective. You must also regularly replace the bulb of the UV filter. This bulb is just like any lighting system in your house. They will die out eventually over long periods of use. So you have to check the bulb periodically if it is still in good working condition. You must also keep the UV filter always on in order to ensure effective algae control.

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