Finding a competent Orange County bankruptcy attorney should always be considered as a good investment. However, you have to understand that it requires good research to get the best bankruptcy attorneys in Orange County. For starters, you may get a list of bankruptcy lawyers from the local chapter of the American Bar Association. Or you may go online and find firms like Spaulding & Ghidotti which specializes in bankruptcy laws and cases. No matter what method you use for searching bankruptcy lawyers, there are certain factors that you should always consider.

First of all, you should look for a firm that offers free consultations. Remember that there are many lawyers who will give this kind of service. So if you happen to find a bankruptcy attorney in Orange County that refuses to give you free consultation, then it would be best to keep on looking. It is more economical to find an Orange County bankruptcy attorney that provides first-contact consultation and assessment without charging professional fees. Besides, the moment you walk into the law firm of Orange County bankruptcy attorneys, you are still probably weighing your options and not really sure if bankruptcy filing is right for you. To get free consultations, you should check the website or call the offices of Spaulding & Ghidotti.

When you search for Orange County bankruptcy attorney, experience of the counsels is one of the most crucial things that you need to consider. In bankruptcy cases, experience and track record are very important. You have to do some background research about the firm and its lawyers. Make sure that they really specialize in bankruptcy cases to ensure that you will be in good hands. Experienced Orange County bankruptcy attorney will know all the intricacies of federal and state laws and procedures on bankruptcies. The local Bar could be a good start for you research. You may also want to ask your close friends and relatives for recommendations and advice. You will know if the bankruptcy lawyer has the right expertise in bankruptcy cases during the initial consultations.

Cost is also a big factor that you have to consider. It is a known fact that getting representation for chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy filings would be pretty expensive. So you have to know if the retainer‘s fee of the Orange County bankruptcy attorney is reasonable. You may negotiate with Orange County bankruptcy attorneys about fees and charges. Negotiating for the cost of the service is really up to you. A good tip is to take advantage of the online service of a law firm so you can get a better idea about fees and charges. Look for lawyers that provide a payment plan so you can study the issue of fees.

It is very important to get legal representation if you are planning to file for bankruptcy. Good bankruptcy attorneys in Orange County can really help you through the entire bankruptcy proceedings. You can also protect your rights better if you will get the services of a competent bankruptcy lawyer.

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