If you have a water garden, then you should be ready to face the challenge of fighting excessive growth of pond algae. Algae growth is inevitable because these single celled plants love to thrive in water, especially ill-maintained ponds. Algae growth can pose considerable hazards to the fishes in your pond. Aside from this, your garden pond will look like a green mess if you will not prevent the growth of algae. There are many ways how to fight algae. The most effective is to use pond UV filters that destroy algae on contact. But before you use pond UV filters, it is best if you know other methods of preventing the uncontrolled growth of algae in your water garden pond.

One of the most effective ways to prevent the growth of pond algae is to put some floating water plants in your water garden. Floating plants like Hyacinth and Duckweed could serve as water filters that will keep your pond cleaner. These floating ponds also compete with algae in getting the nutrients of water. If you have lots of plants in your pond, then there is no way that algae can get sustenance from the water. Most importantly, floating plants can block sunlight which contributes to uncontrolled growth of algae. Floating plants also have other benefits because they can be used by the fish as breeding and feeding grounds. They can also effectively control the temperature of the water which is beneficial to your fishes and to the overall quality of the water.

Another proven way to prevent the growth of pond algae is to keep the water flowing. Algae growth can become uncontrollable if the water in your garden pond is stagnant. If there is a continuous flow of water in the pond, then the spores that promote algae growth will not have any chance to take hold. It is best therefore if you can install pond fountains, water falls, and drainage for your pond. You also need to regularly clean the drainage system of the pond to keep good water circulation. If you will not maintain good circulation and you allow water to stagnate, then you will have a big problem in your hands. Once the algae invade the pond, cleaning and keeping them away can become very expensive for you.

In order to effectively prevent pond algae growth, one of your best options is to install pond UV filter. A pond UV filter can destroy and kill algae. Ultraviolet light serves as biocide but it is harmless to humans, fish and other water garden plants. The best thing that you can do is to immediately install a UV filter when building the pond. You should specify to the builder that you want this feature installed in your pond. This way, you will not worry anymore about uncontrollable algae growth. In case you do not have a UV and your pond is invaded by algae, you need to drain and clean the pond first. Then you should buy a UV filter kit and install it before flooding the pond.

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