You have been invited to a baby shower and you are still wrecking your brain trying to think of some great baby shower gifts to present to the expecting mother. There are so many choices that they can be really overwhelming. But if you think of baby bottle feeding, you get bottle bibs today which are different from the conventional baby bibs and instead of going round the baby‘s neck, go round the baby bottle and catch any drip that leaks from the bottle or baby‘s mouth.

The big items which are quite popular as baby shower gifts include baskets, cribs and other furniture items or a group of friends could get together and buy a recliner, a car seat or even a play pen; all these would make lovely baby gifts which would be indeed welcome especially if it were the first baby the couple is expecting. For baby bottle feeding you can pick from several different kinds of baby feeding bottles made in glass or plastic as per your choice and a set of nipples with varying hole sizes for when the baby grows over the months.

But then the more economical choices might always be preferred; this way you can present some baby shower gifts to the mother-to-be that is from you alone and it won‘t burn a hole in your pocket. This kind of baby gifts include diaper bags, diaper pails, baby wipes, baby soaps and shampoo, bedding sets for the crib, baby monitors, baby carriers and slings. For baby bottle feeding you can choose from bottle warmers or bottle sterilization systems.

Further, you have the baby shower gifts at the lower end which don‘t really cost much and yet are very useful to the recipient. These cover diapers, baby bibs, books on babies and parenting, baby combs, brushes and nail cutters, pacifiers, eating utensils for babies like bowls, tumblers and plates and wide variety of soft toys. For baby bottle feeding you can even buy a set of bottles complete with bottle bibs to keep the baby safe from any drips. Or if the mother-to-be is planning on breastfeeding her newborn, you can include the basic supplies required for breastfeeding. Or if you know that she would be making use of cloth diapers, buy her a package of cloth diapers along with the covers.

And whatever baby shower gifts you choose to buy, make sure that you remove the price tags before you present them. Baby bottle feeding or even feeding baby from a bowl can often be quite a messy job and sometimes it can leave permanent stains on fairly new clothes. So if it is bibs you are thinking of buying as baby gifts you can be sure it is a great idea and the expectant mother will definitely be thrilled with the gift as it is one of the most practical gifts you can think of for babies.

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