Drive More Website Traffic Long Term

If you really want to drive more website traffic long term, you need to have a game plan. Take a look at my blog. My blog gets around 1,000 unique visitors per day and I get comments and sales from blogs I wrote a year or so ago! That is quite different than if you just did solo ads, ppc or email marketing as there is little to no residual effect from those marketing efforts.

First Off You Have Think Like a Marketer to Get More website Traffic To Your Blog

Repeat free traffic is by far the best free traffic, let me repeat that again, repeat free traffic is the best free traffic. MOST people are NOT going to buy from you the first time they see your stuff but as they get to know like and trust you more. If you post value on an almost daily basis, then and only then will people trust you and listen to your suggestions and recommendations.

What are you doing now for marketing? Are you just crossing your fingers and wishing for that magical first time visitor sale or are you truly trying to building a long term relationship with your audience/target market? You have to put your material that is packed with content and help everday in the social media site groups right alongside all these other spammers that are pitching their business opportunity and making these hype promises. You want to be the marketer that focuses on the long term if you wish to have long term results.

Learn How to Drive More Website Traffic To You Blog and Gain Your Freedom

In the last year I have won a fully paid for vacations and while being away, money came into my bank account without my effort. This is due to two things, 1). A residual income stream from my network marketing company and 2). from the traffic to my site.

It's not hard to do at all. You choose your target audience, what does the ideal person you want to attract into your business look like, and what are their biggest problems and desires that they are facing, you create content to help them fix those problems, and you will get them to visit your site.

Here is what I suggest if you want to go deep into learning how to drive more website traffic to your blog.

My friend Russell Brunson has a killer program on learning how to drive website traffic. He will let you test it out for 30 full days for only $1. I personally have this program and have several friends who have it as well. You can learn more on my site. Whether you invest in yourself and learn how to drive more website traffic or not, let me know your questions about driving website traffic. and I will be happy to help. =)