How to Grow Your Amazon Business?

Steps to Success provides great product research techniques for new or seasoned Amazon sellers.

Amazon is the largest online marketplace. It is a juggernaut where anyone can sell their products to millions of people around the world. If you have a special product that you want to sell, or if you want to become a merchant that sells a variety of items, then Amazon is the perfect store, if you include the Amazon FBA 2018. FBA stands to Fulfillment by Amazon, and it provides great features for merchants on Amazon. Using the FBA, you store the items you sell in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and the products are going to be eligible for free 2-day shipping, and we all know that customers tend to choose products that are delivered fast. If you want to jump in the Amazon business selling, you could do that, even if you are not a manufacturer. You will only need to know which items you should sell and use the right marketing tools.

Rob Izad from Steps to Success has released an YouTube video in which he explains how you can do Amazon FBA product research, using Merchant Words and Jungle Scout apps. First, you will need to make an account on Jungle Scout, and you do not need the pro version, the Lite one will do. Jungle Scout will tell you everything about a product from Amazon, such as the revenue and sale numbers, rating and the amount of reviews, seller ranking, updates and much more. Good Merchant allows you to search the keywords on Amazon. You can do a customized search by country and various products. When you search for a keyword in Good Merchant, it will give you an estimate of the monthly search volume. You would want to target a product that sells around a hundred thousand to a million. Then, you search that product on Amazon, finding a list of items. Using Jungle Scout, you will then be able to select the one that has least reviews, but the highest revenue, and if you offer for sale a similar product at a lower price, you could compete with that product.

Learn from Steps to Success how can you start a business by selling products on Amazon doing product research.

About Steps to Success:
Steps to Success is an YouTube channel created by Rob Izad, where he uploads amazing videos on how can individuals and businesses grow using Amazon FBA.

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