Question goes: does anyone know if it's possible to recover photos, videos or audio files from Nokia that turns on but wont boot (guessing due to insufficient free memory).

That's a terrible thing. I was wondering whether anyone had found Data Recovery software for the Symbian OS? I deleted all my photos accidentally in LifeBlog and must recover them.

Solution to Recover Data for Nokia
Currently, millions of people have been familiar with Smartphones such as Nokia. They are incredible pieces of technology that that are small enough to hold in your one hand, however they have the capability of a top of the line computer. Smartphones are also known as Cell Phones. Since their inception, Smartphones have grown with the times.

Most likely you have seen the more popular brands of Smartphones. They are Blackberry, Nokia and PalmSource to mention but a few of the more popular brands of Smartphones on the market today. They are equipped with the latest technology and, contrary to popular opinion, they are not only sought after by teenagers.. People from all social levels are coming on board and are seeking information regarding Smartphones. They are flocking to local retailers to purchase them, because prices are coming down all the time.

Most people do not understand how to recover data for cell phone, such as Nokia if their smartphone's system corrupted or damaged, they are not able to figure out how to retrieve the files successfully. Here I would like to share my way to restore files for Nokia, let's take Nokia for instance. Just three steps that you can get the data back.

First of all, download a professional and easy-to-use data recovery program on Mac, like uMacsoft Data Recovery is one of my choices.
Secondly, scan your partition or mobile phone to see what you have lost on this partition or cell phone.
Lastly, when the files of Nokia are displayed on the program interface, you are allowed to choose which ones you decide to recover, then save the target files on computer.

You cannot recover the files to the same drive where they were lost, therefore choose another volume or some external storage device such as a USB flash drive to save them safely.

The Secrets to Avoid Data Recovery
Files recovery is a process that you are able to save data and documents you deleted by mistake, had eaten by malicious software or viruses, hardware failures, corporate espionage and any other scenarios. Data recovery program is unlike other shareware such as video converter, DVD cloner, which take as necessary, well, data recovery application as must-have tool for us, it's possible to keep it on computer, whatever PC or Macintosh, just in case.

The brilliant way to avoid data recovery for us is to download a free Mac data recovery software, or if you have extra chicken feed, you'd better buy a registered one. If you've somehow deleted or had your important files corrupted or lost due to human error, business espionage, faulty hardware of software or any other reason, here is good news for you that you can get the files back with the program you collected.

In order to avoid repeating recovery job to find your gone files, you'd better mark your important files as read-only, or make copies of them periodically.

Recover Files for Nokia right now by using professional uMacsoft Data Recovery program at