Howard Safe & Lock Co Houston, a licensed locksmith Houston service provider that offers a plethora of locksmith services including high-security electronic locks and remote system administration for both residential and commercial buildings, now offes high-security locks and access systems. Regarded as one of the most Houston locksmith company, Howard Safe & Lock Co Houston even offers a 24 hour locksmith service aside from its variety of residential and commercial security services. With over seven decades of experience in the industry, the company has now turned its attention to developing sophisticated security systems and state-of-the-art locks.

The company understands the importance of the security of homes and businesses in the community and hence, has set its sight on being the foremost locksmith and security service provider in Houston. Howard Safe & Lock Co Houston provides the ideal solutions with the help of its wide range of access control products based on a customer’s budget and requirements. The Houston locksmith company installs securely designed products that it engineers to pass the most stringent security and safety examinations. All technicians employed by the company are licensed and insured to ensure quality and reliable service.

Howard Safe & Lock Co Houston provides such residential access control systems as gated entry systems, intrusion alarm systems, motion detectors, noise detectors, multi-zoned burglar systems, integrated CCTV systems, wireless video doorbell intercoms, digital door locks, remote access locks, and remote system administration, among others. The commercial control systems include, among others, such services as access credentials management, traffic reports by date/time, unauthorized access prevention, control zones, remote system administration, biometric access control, pop-up vehicle barriers, and recording of entry/exit time of employees.

Liran Vidal, a senior board member of the company, assured customers of the company’s credibility when he said, “We test all high-end security services countless times to make sure they are fail-safe. Our technicians follow the standard safety and security guidelines while providing our expert locksmith services. In addition to the sophisticated security services we provide to our residential and commercial clients, we also offer 24-hour emergency services and car locksmith services at highly affordable prices.”

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Howard Safe & Lock Co Houston is a reputed locksmith and security services provider in and around Houston, Texas.

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