HTL Unveils XL Series of LED Display Panels for Video Advertising

The fact that HTL constantly launches new products into the market reflects HTL’s success in the high quality LED industry. The company has experienced consistent growth thanks to a successful range of solutions that are perfectly suited for advertising applications that require small pixel pitch products, including the ones in the indoor and outdoor LED display market.

The need to provide dynamic TV stream pushes businessmen, developers and designers to search for new video technologies. For the past 10 years LED screens became deeply rooted in our daily life. The LED technology continues to develop and transform: modern LED screens boast high pixel density, uniform high-contrast image, low energy consumption. HTL is following this trend.

XL series are highly versatile rental LED panels suitable for a whole manner of indoor applications from retail to digital signage.Small pixel pitch HD LED screen is the latest trend in LED video screens that can be applied to TV studios, command centers and conference by virtue of its high definition,seamless stitching, brilliant color and gray scale.

The HD resolution available with this small pixel pitch technology is ideally poised for the retail and broadcast market, where pin sharp image projection is a prerequisite for any application. It also utilities the latest 3rd generation calibration technology, which offers consumers great color consistency and image. Thanks to its ultra low 1.9 mm pixel pitch, all of the highly accurate color consistency and brightness uniformity has the ability to be represented realistically on camera in any broadcast environment.

Another feature making the XL Series cabinet ideally suited to both retail and broadcast environments is its power supply and cooling system. The cabinet’s power supply and fan-less cooling system ensures operational silence, allowing the panel to blend into the ambiance of any environment.

Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the entire installation’s thickness is within 10cm, the XL Series has the potential to save a lot of installation space for customers in the kind of commercial areas with expensive rent or property prices, thus saving space and ultimately financial expense. In addition, the XL offers extremely easy front service and installation, saving space and ensuring ease of installation and maintenance.

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