Toronto, Canada 14th April, 2010 IchessU Ltd., announces the launch of a new course “How to Beat Chess Computers” with a goal to assist chess lovers in winning chess game against chess computers.

IchessU Ltd. has announced to launch a new program to improve your game performance while playing against chess computers. IchessU Ltd. is an international chess school playing an active role in chess education programs all over the world. Their Chess learning center helps you to learn chess in the best possible manner.

Mr. Alex Rabinovich the General Manager of IchessU Ltd. Ltd. says "This new program assist you to win a bit more often against chess computers. Through this chess program, all the chess lovers will be able to understand how chess computers work and think, be able to predict what sort of things they might not spot and to understand what parts of the game a computer is better than humans at playing."

IchessU Ltd. is an international chess school that has a specialization in long-term online chess education by using good educational methods. They offer online chess lessons by experienced teachers and grandmasters. IchessU Ltd. is truly impressive online internet chess-playing club and a multilingual international online chess school where people across the globe irrespective of their age and region, can learn chess online. They offer many services for chess players such as free chess playing zone with real audio and video and various chess courses for ADD and ADHD people as well. IchessU Ltd. runs several programs to meet the needs of students and have developed a special software to make chess learning more interactive. For registration, talk to them online or contact us by email at: info@IchessU or call us at: +15625089020.

About IchessU Ltd.:

The International Chess School has coaches, trainers and tutors that have received accolades for their exceptional performance in the chess game. The chess masters, mentors and grandmasters help students learn how to play chess. IchessU Ltd. produces dramatic results by using proven educational processes. Download chess learning platform on their portal and get started today.

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