CHENNAI November 12, 2009— After the massive success of its Windows 7 Social Media Icons pack, Icongalore has now announced two more icons packs, namely Windows7 Network icons and Windows7 festival icons. According to the company‘s media relations manager, these two icon packs would fill in the need for specially designed icons for Windows7 networks and the festival season. This implies that another reason for the release is the upcoming Christmas and New-year festivities. That‘s why special pricings were also announced during the release. The Festival Icons pack has been priced at just $77, while the Windows 7 Network Icons pack is priced at $86.

Both the new Windows 7 Network Icons pack and the Windows7 festival icons will be available in all the popular formats such as bmp, ico, gif, png and jpeg, in sizes ranging from 16 × 16, to 24 × 24, 32 × 32, 48 × 48, 64 × 64, 128 × 128, and 256 × 256 pixels.

This release is a festival gift from icongalore, a special one for the Christmas season. Also, this would cater to the huge demand for Windows7 Network icons. What‘s more, the price has been fixed at a very affordable rate to help people who are into web development; however, the quality has been maintained as good as ever.

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