New applications for plastic national identity card of Wirtland (www.Wirtland.com) are accepted from everybody over 18 y.o.

Wirtland, world's first sovereign internet-based country, revealed the design of plastic identity card. Every citizen of Wirtland, who has submitted the Citizenship Application Form and scans of photograph and signature, is eligible for receiving the personal ID card. New applications for residence permit and ID card are also accepted from everybody over 18 y.o., who wants to become a citizen of Wirtland.

The front side of highly secure plastic card features serial number of ID, personal data, photograph, signature of owner. The card has no expiration date - its validity period is unlimited. The photograph and signature are protected by several levels of microprint and other security features. The back side explains the unique status of Wirtland and mentions its official website addresses www.Wirtland.com and www.Wirtland.net. Unlike the residence permit of Wirtland, which is electronic document, issue of plastic card is not free of charge. The total cost including shipping expenses will be between 12 - 15 EUR (17 - 20 USD), payable through PayPal.

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About Wirtland:
Wirtland (www.Wirtland.com) is the first internet-based sovereign state, an experiment into legitimacy and self-sustainability of a country without its own soil. Wirtland was founded on August 14, 2008 as a public initiative. Its population is currently approximately 800 citizens from all five continents. It is represented through its official website http://www.Wirtland.com, its social network http://www.Wirtland.net, and “The Times of Wirtland” at http://wirtland.blogspot.com.