iFastPCB Levelled up Their PCB Fabrication and Manufacturing Capabilities to Ensure Quicker Turnaround


China - iFastPCB, a renowned PCB manufacturing and prototyping company in China, recently announced that their PCB fabrication and manufacturing capabilities have been enhanced so that the growing market demands can be successfully met. The owners said that their priority is to reduce the turnaround so that more buyers can be served with the present manufacturing capacity and human resources. They said that latest technologies have been implemented to ensure shorter turnaround with the available resources at their disposal.

“At present, we accept only four types of PCB files formats that include .pcb, .pcbdoc, Gerber and .cam”, a senior sales officer started his press conference by stating the presently accepted file formats. “We have specified our PCB manufacturing capabilities in our website. However, I would like to briefly touch the main capabilities of our company. To start with, we use FR-4 material for PCB prototyping. The board thickness is no less than 0.4 mm and no greater than 2.4 mm. The finished copper thickness, regular drill sizes, solder mask colour, surface finish, minimum character width and everything else are well documented and anybody who wishes to see the capability specifications can take a tour of our website”, added the sales officer.

The owners also said that they have recently introduced a live chat feature in their website so that interested buyers can have a word or two with the online sales representatives of the company. They said that the live chat feature has been introduced to assist people in selection of products. They said that the idea is to generate interest in people about the new line of products and the recent technological upgrades.

“We want more people to know about our increased technological capabilities and the production capacity. We have also published some whitepapers so that more people can get aware of our technical capabilities”, said the CEO of iFastPCB. “Additionally, we will stress more on marketing and promotions in the last three quarters of the current financial year so that our specialized products get more attention in the international market”, the CEO added before signing off.

About the Company

iFastPCB is a renowned manufacturer of printed circuit boards.

For more information, visit http://www.ifastpcb.com/capabilities.html


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