iFastPCB to Cover PCB Printing and Manufacturing Industry News in Its Newly Launched Blog Section


China - iFastPCB, a recent entrant into the Chinese PCB prototyping and manufacturing scene, announced that from now on, they will dish out industry and company news through the blog section of its website. The owners said that it is important to keep all stakeholders of the Chinese PCB printing industry abreast of what’s happening inside the global PCB manufacturing industry. They described it as a ‘small attempt’ to keep their employees, buyers and investors updated about their latest technological advances and the related industry news.

“We were contemplating a separate section where we can talk about industry updates, latest technological advances, Chinese PCB manufacturing industry as a whole. We believe information is the key to beat competition, especially in a market landscape where our Western counterparts have this obvious advantage of low transport and shipping cost. Of course, we need to follow the common standards and make PCBs that conform to the specifications of our clients, but at the same time, we need to get industry updates at regular intervals. The section is dedicated to our clients, investors, stakeholders and virtually anybody who takes interest in PCB manufacturing and prototyping”, the website administrator of iFastPCB told the press.

She also added that the section would contain information on their latest products such as circuit board printer and any new structural changes that may come along the way. A company representative told the press that the blog section would be primarily used for disseminating technical information as well.

“We recently included the PCB printing and prototyping standards in our blog section so that prospective buyers can read in detail about the common standards and check whether our products are in full compliance with the standards and specifications. Informing prospective buyers is one way to generate interest in the products of a certain company and we are just doing that. This is, in fact, part of our marketing strategy, more specifically our social media marketing strategy”, said the CEO of the company during a recently organized press event at the Shenzhen headquarters of iFastPCB.

About the Company

iFastPCB is a leading China based manufacturer and supplier of PCB.

To know more, visit http://www.ifastpcb.com/blog


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