Berlin, Germany - Where data-driven insights creativity and ideas combine.

We are happy to report that ifour will attend the European branch of the eighth annual Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Berlin.

MRMW is a well-known series of conferences whose sole focus is superior research in the mobile and tech marketplaces. Several thousand participants the world over trust MRMW to provide them with accurate, actionable data that they can apply to their own research.

MRMW is widely considered to be the scouts for discovering the best next-gen tech. They've brought cutting-edge prototypes to the forefront of the marketplace with things such as Google Glass, drones from Wipro and a series of "smart bikes" from Baidu.

MRMW focuses on what attendees need to know to push their businesses forward into the technological limelight.

Damon McCollin-Moore, Strategy Manager with ifour, will be featured on November 9th's docket.

The focus of Damon's talk will look at how data-driven insights have been leading researchers into more creative waters, at least until quite recently.

While this longstanding trend has provided insightful creative outlets, Damon suggests that continuing in this fashion is not sustainable.

There are a variety of questions that the talk will attempt to answer, including:

Can we forge an equal partnership between creativity data?

- What are the most effective ways to present data so that it is a strong guide without being too overpowering?

- How can we combine research and the creative process so that we can foster new ways to do things instead of just building on what has come before?

- The focus of MRMW is and always has been what the future of the industry can do.

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