What Is Infrastructure Security And Network Security?

Now that almost all critical information within a business is digitalized, sufficient security is of utmost importance. Like all things in the tech world, security comes in many sizes, shapes, and capabilities which can make it tricky to understand what is needed and how it will perform. In most companies, there are multiple devices that connect to the network, and the IT setup can be rather complex. This means that single antivirus software will not go very far in protecting the system. With the help of IT Services Birmingham and network security services, you can ensure your business is fully covered and all data stays safe.

What Is Network Security?

Essentially network security is a form of cybersecurity that’s primary purpose is to protect all data being sent from devices within the network. It ensures that data is not blocked or intercepted by a third party and that the data stays in its original form and isn’t altered. Network security can include a variety of software that will vary depending on what the infrastructure setup includes. Network security services can set up specialized software and or hardware to protect against hacker attacks, spyware and adware, viruses, trojan horses, and denial of service attacks. When IT security services have installed the necessary programs, the system will be able to detect potential threats and flag suspicious activity. Not only will this prevent network infiltration but it also highlights any weaknesses in the security layers which prompts upgrades and fixes for improved security. By using IT security services, you will get a clear understanding of the type of security that is required for the company’s needs.

What Is Infrastructure Security?

The infrastructure of an IT setup is quite extensive. It includes any composite hardware, network resources, and software. It also includes any and all services that are required for the operation and management of the IT production. All of this is essentially what enables services and IT solutions to be sent to employees, customers, partners, and the like. Because of the broad range of an IT infrastructure, it is highly susceptible to attacks, and vicious malware and so advanced security are needed. In some cases securing the infrastructure will automatically secure the network. However, this will depend on the size of your system and what form of infrastructure security you decide on. Taking advantage of IT security services will help in making sure the infrastructure and the network are fully secure.

Differences Between Infrastructure Security And Network Security

While the security for infrastructure and the network are different, there can be some overlap. The IT infrastructure not only includes the services that are necessary for the IT operation but it also covers components that are designed specifically for security purposes. Utilizing network security services to secure the network is essential however securing only the network will still leave the system very vulnerable. Typically network security starts onsite with the routers and usually connects to the user applications. Infrastructure, on the other hand, begins offsite again with routers and connects to the switches belonging to the network provider which is linked to the devices of the network. The above-mentioned overlap happens when particular security devices are connected to the perimeter or firewall as well as residing within the network. You could say that network security falls within the infrastructure security category and that network security is, in fact, a subcategory of infrastructure security, but again this will depend on the setup and what (if anything) is already in place. If strong IT security services are used the chances are the security of the network will be included.

Network security is arguably most companies primary focus when it comes to security as this is what they see on a daily basis. The data on the network, the files they are sharing, and potential threats on the system. But network security services on their own aren’t enough to protect the whole infrastructure. Speaking with a provider about their Managed Network is the best way to ensure the best security is put in place to protect you, the business, your data, and your employees.