The producers of "Inside Business Report" are pleased to announce a special series, Doing Business In A Global Economy, exploring the latest trends in technology, concepts and strategies for the diverse needs of 21st Century corporate and organizational structure. The show marries an unrivaled host, Fred Thompson, with a team of award-winning producers, and provides viewers new information that will impact their lives.

Complexity has become the somewhat troubled stepchild of modern entrepreneurial structures. In any country, in every business, and throughout all of industry, doing business in a global economy has brought with it a seemingly insurmountable number of logistical challenges. Conquering those challenges can mean the difference between organizational success and corporate failure. Inside Business Report is constantly searching for the newest and most innovative strategies designed to ensure personnel and resources reach the right place at the right time.

Topics for the "Business Management Solutions" series include:

• Supply Chain Management Solutions for the 21st Century
• Outsourcing Solutions in a Changing Economy
• Optimizing Workforce Performance through Effective HR Management and Technology
• Reducing/Managing the Rising Cost of Healthcare for Corporate America
• Streamlining (Healthcare/Medical) Management Solutions for the 21st Century
• Innovative Office Automation Solutions for the 21st Century
• Leading Developments in Employee Benefit Solutions for the 21st Century
• Leading Developments in Corporate Staffing Solutions
• Optimizing Employee Benefits in a Changing Economy
• Leading Developments in Employee Benefit Optimization
• Improving Productivity and Profitability through Effective Technology
• Improving Efficiency and Competitiveness in a Changing Business Climate
• Software Solutions for the Increasingly Complexity of Inventory Management
• Food Safety Series: "From the Field to the Fork" - Building a Healthy Food Supply System.

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