The producers of "Inside Business" are pleased to announce a special series, Greening of America, highlighting the multitude of ways Americans are becoming environmentally responsible. The show marries an unrivaled host, Fred Thompson, with a team of award-winning producers, and provides viewers new information that will impact their lives.
America's capacity for leadership worldwide is undeniable. On almost every level and by almost every measure, the U.S. holds a place of singular importance. Unfortunately, our propensity for consumption has placed atop another, not-so-desirable list: Despite possessing only 1/20th of the globe's population, we nevertheless consume ¼ of its resources and materials. We cannot, in good conscience, berate the Brazilians for clearing Amazon rainforest, or belabor the Chinese for burning coal, unless we undertake a leadership role in environmental causes domestically.
To that end, "Inside Business Report" series will explore the innovative approach Americans are taking to protect the environment. We‘ll speak with organizations and industry experts at the forefront of this green revolution, and we'll discover eco-friendly products and technologies that benefit both our environment and society.

Topics for the "Greening of America" series include:

• Sustainable Business Solutions for the 21st Century
• Sustainable Technology Solutions for the 21st Century
• Competitive Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

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