The new Virtual Stylist Lash & Browâ„¢ app is a professional interactive tool available to salon owners across the globe. In short, it is something completely new - perfectly customized eyelash extensions and traffic-stopping brows — virtually applied!

Designed for salons, and even solo beauty practitioners that specialize in eyelash and eyebrow design,

the app is a brilliant, engaging consultation tool. Every lash and brow specialist realizes the subjective nature of terms like "natural looking", "more dramatic", and so forth. Our proposed solution is to clearly communicate by presenting the best design options in brilliant "live" video — using their own mirror image. The Virtual Stylistâ„¢ app transforms the client consultation into fascinating interplay, developing instant brand loyalty and organically creating easy upselling opportunities.

Augmented Reality (AR) has been successfully used in doctors’ offices to project the desired outcomes of facial fillers, Botox injections and plastic surgery procedures, but it has never been made available to this sector of the beauty industry. Beauty industry mega brands like L'Oréal, Sephora, Cover Girl and Lakme Makeup Pro have used this same facial recognition technology to help customers simulate various hair colors, "try on" shades of foundation, color match lipstick and find the perfect eyeshadows and blush. Until now, no brand has challenged the esteemed app developers of the ModiFace Mirrorâ„¢ to create the amazing effect of seeing oneself moving, blinking, winking and delighting in the variety of options as they experience the perfect lash design and eyebrow makeover.

Sixteen different lash styles, eleven different color combinations, four length selections, and four different degrees of volume deliver subtle-to-dramatic changes that could never be described in mere words. Use of the Virtual Stylistâ„¢ app is also a winsome, crowd-pleasing draw for lash brands at trade shows and networking events. In addition, the app can be used as an effective and interactive teaching aid in lash and brow design courses. Using Virtual Stylistâ„¢ to show students how to design a pleasing, sustainable and perfectly customized lash or brow, as opposed to simple graphics and sketches on flipcharts, is an absolute game-changer for beauty educators.

At a price point on par with one full set of eyelash extensions, or indeed less than a micro blade application of hair stroke eyebrows, the Virtual Stylist Lash & Browâ„¢ app will set its users apart from the competition and pay back its investment with sure speed. Perhaps more importantly, it enhances the perceived value of the luxury services you offer. With more and more lash stylists and brow specialists on the horizon, leveraging new technology tools such as this could be what your salon or spa needs to stand out in the crowd!

Virtual Stylistâ„¢ creator, Jill Heijligers-Peloquin, is the founder of Lash FX® Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies, Lash FX® Academy Online and Global Lash Summit Events. The Virtual Stylist Lash & Browâ„¢ app was soft-launched at the September 2015 Global Lash Summit in Long Beach, California prior to its release in the App Store. Since then, the lash app has received excellent reviews and excited feedback from international master educators and professional practitioners alike. The Virtual Stylist Lash & Browâ„¢ app was also featured at Intercharm in Moscow, Russia, as a crowd-pleasing draw at Lash & Brow Design Academy's booth (Gold Level Award winner), and in Eyelash Magazine.

The Lash FX Virtual Stylist Lash & Browâ„¢app will be featured on Discovery Channel’s ION Network July 18th, 2016 at 5:30 am.

The Virtual Stylist Lash & Browâ„¢ app is available on the App Store (for iPad only). For more information regarding the Virtual Stylist app, please visit

Lash FX was founded in 2006 by a team of lash artists that wanted to offer products, services and education for fledgling lash artists in the US. Lash FX will definitely be a part of the movement that molds the future for lash artistry. And all along the way, Lash FX will continue to educate, empower and support the artists themselves.

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