Our business approach is to empower local businesses, we want to level the online advertising playing field and give everyone an exceptional opportunity.
We are selling advertising space under keywords. This refers to the URL page that the keyword forwards you to at our site. An example keyword would be one such as wahdang.com/carsâ„¢.
Internet real estate example

Now to explain a little more in depth about the keyword sales.I'm going to use an example company. financing and mortgage company. Now this company has a site but almost with no traffic coming to there site. So this company turns to Google ad words program now this company is a local based company so they only choose 4 city's. Melbourne, palm bay , cocoa, and satellite beach. Now they choose there keywords financing x4 for all four city's, mortgage x4, mortgages x4 , refinancing x4, lender x4, and loan x4. Now all those keywords added up 28 keywords they are paying for. Now these are the most hit words on the internet when it comes to mortgage and financing company's they go for a premium on Google, Yahoo, MSN and any other search engine roughly 400 a month in pay per clicks so this company is now paying about 11,200 a month. Yes there increase in traffic but if you look at the traffic a lot of the traffic is walk by traffic they come they look around then leave 65% of the new traffic is people being paid to click on these ads and sit around for 4 minutes to give the site a unique hit. This is the money websites make from other websites keywords.

Now lets say our fake company puts a bid on all these words and sets up an ad budget for 1 year. In all the company will pay $134,400+ for all these keywords. they have now invested $134,400 in something that yes increased traffic and may have even paid for its self but do they get any residuals from this investment? The answer is NO!!!!!! They do not own there keyword, this is what wahdang.comâ„¢ is all about allowing people to find what there looking for on the internet with ease and safely. We don't make you pay for clicks on your ad words we Sell you the keywords you want in the areas you want. And you own them forever or till you wish to sell them. Key have coined the word INTERNET REAL ESTATEâ„¢. As the site grows in popularity and the more hits a word gets it rise's in value, and so will our prices for the words increase.

Now to take us back to the fake company they were spending $134,400 and after that year was up they no longer have there ad's. But now the company comes across wahdang.comâ„¢ keyword sales program or are contacted by our sales center. they now find out for an extra $6600 they could invest in to owning all those keywords and see a residual traffic from these ad's so 5 years down the road there $140,000 investment is still paying it's self off time after time.

At the current time all keywords are selling for $16 a day this number will increase as we rise in the internet rank charts. In 6 days after a article was written about wahdang.comâ„¢ on killerstartups.com our traffic has not slowed down in an alarming and exciting rate. We have gone from 22,167,485 world wide traffic rank all they way up to 207,156 in less then a week. And is still increasing every day. Just visit wahdang.com or advertising4less.info for advertising submission