InterAd Communications is a Korean digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO, SMM and the wider services that are encompassed by digital media marketing. The firm is known particularly for their Global search services offered to the global businesses that wish to penetrate into the Korean Search Engine Market.

According to recent surveys done by website traffic analysts, the Google search rates in the Korean Markets are at 37% this year, having skyrocketed from a staggering 6% last year. This is partly due to the proliferation of the Android OS based smartphones and the introduction of new apps and games in the market. Nevertheless, The Korean market is the new Holy Grail for foreign companies to make their mark in. Having the insight of a Korean based digital media marketing

InterAd communications Inc. boasts Google certified professionals which is the first of its kind in Korea. The firm has been known to provide their services to global market giants Philips, British Council, European companies and Microsoft, Yahoo!, AIG, and other Google, NAVER SEO & Digital Marketing Businesses.

In addition to market penetration, the firm is known for their creative content creation for social media marketing. Mobile SEO services are also taken care of by the firm to ensure a 360 degree digital presence for the companies. InterAd’s strategy includes an effective content plan and timelines that ensure complete market penetration at the right time rate. The company is known for delivering good results for the clients they have worked with. InterAd boasts the confidence of its multinational clients.

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Stanley JW Chang
Company: InterAd Communications Inc.
Phone: 82-2-3454-1513
Address: 129-14, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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