Time for a true WORLD UNION of SMEs supporting Organisations.
SMEs Supporting Organisations world wide are invited to send their delegates.

The International Conference on the foundation of WUSME WORLD UNION OF SMES. will be held on 9thth 10th November 2009 in the Republic of San Mario, hosted by CESA Foundation and under the aegis of the Government of the Republic of San Marino.

The Chairman of the Conference, Gian Franco Terenzi, Member of the San Marino Parliament: “One of the top-priorities of the new World Union of SMEs will be to provide widespread information and foster awareness among the different national institutions of the countries belonging to the WORLD UNION as regards the true needs of small enterprises which represent the basis of the economic fabric of all societies. “

Mr. Gidean Sagee, President of ISMEA Isreal Small and Medium Enterprises Authority explained the main topics of the Conference as follows:

Two Commissions with Members of Governments, reputed economists, financial experts and Top-Managers will elaborate recommendations for the promotion of SMEs in times of economic crises and future development and analyse the role of SMEs in the fields of environment and sustainable production and use of energy.

SMEs in the Global Economic Crisis
SMEs are not responsible for the global economic crisis which broke out over a year ago. However, it is the SMEs that are in fact paying more than any other sector the price of this crisis.

SMEs are more vulnerable to the lack of credit and low demand, and as a result many of them are obliged to shrink their activities or even close their business.

Entrepreneurs cannot establish new businesses due to lack of credit facilities and the inherent risks of setting up a new business at a time of economic crisis. Consequently, they find themselves outside the business cycle and cannot contribute to the employment of potential workers.

Coping with the market failures, particularly those affecting SMEs, may assist in turning the tide from crisis towards a renewal of economic growth.

An analysis of the SMEs‘ situation in time of economic crisis and ways and means of solving this crisis is the main issue to be debated at the W.U.S. Conference.

Environment and Energy the Role of SMEs
SMEs are not the main factor causing environment problems, albeit SMEs too are now facing specific problems in the area of environmental policy. . The critical situation with regard to environment pollution and global warming stems primarily from the activities of the large transnational corporations together with unbridled waste of conventional energy in the areas of transportation, electricity, etc.
However, as a significant sector in the global economy and a sector which will also play a central role in the future, SMEs cannot ignore the serious implications for the environment of the existing and ever growing pollution.
Therefore, W.U.S. as an international organisation advocating the interests of SMEs must devote special attention to this critical issue and propose specific policies for responding to new environmental demands.

The Secretary General of the Conference, Norbert W. Knoll-Dornhoff, is convinced that more than 100 SME supporting organisations, as well governmental agencies, banks, civil society organisations as private companies will attend the Conference in San Marino and become founding members of WUSME.

Hotel costs in San Marino and meals during the stay for two delegates of each organisation will be borne by the Government of San Marino.

Online registration can be made under http://wus.homestead.com
The Agenda and the conference documents can be downloaded from the homepage free of charge.