Repela (tm) is a unique solution in deterring animals from chewing plastic materials, such as electric and fiber optic cables, plastic pipes, or anything made of PVC. Repela is a combination of denatonium benzoate and natural capsaicin.

How It Works:
What the research has proven is that animals chew on plastic materials because they look good, smell good and taste good. Repela alters that attractiveness in the following six ways
First, Repela has a distinct odor that is not especially attractive to animals.

Second, when the animal bites into the plastic, they will experience an extremely bitter, foul-tasting material.

Third, this bitter taste experience is combined with the extraordinarily spicy property of capsaicin that causes severe distress to the mucosa of the animal, making the mouth, nose and eyes burn.

Fourth, this combination of experiences causes an animal to fear the plastic and in future, the animal will associate the odor with the experience. This leads to behavior modification and animals avoid these products in the future.

Fifth, and most amazingly, animals not only remember the bad experience, it has been found that they pass on the knowledge to its progeny.

Sixth, the fear response and unpleasant reaction is also communicated to other animals in the vicinity.

Environmental Concerns:
Aversion Technologies is guided by the principle of doing no harm to people, plants, or animals and no damage to the environment. Our approach is to not injure the animal or add hazardous chemicals to the environment. Using Repela meets these goals. Repela does not harm animals. Furthermore, Repela is captured in plastics and does not leach into the environment. The chemicals used, both natural and synthetic, break down quickly in the environment, usually in less than three weeks.

Custom Blends:
Repela is available in microcrystalline wax or PVC an in concentrations of up to 50% active ingredients. Our standard blend is 40% denatonium benzoate, 10% capsaicin, and 50% microcrystalline wax or PVC. We will blend different concentrations to meet your specific needs.