iXCC® has launched their new Ultra-Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case, an affordable and lightweight solution for mobile typing on the Apple iPad Air 2.

The iPad Air 2 is an invaluable productivity tool when paired with the right keyboard case. While turning the iPad Air 2 into a laptop-like device is now easier than before, problems such as an awkward case, unresponsive keyboard, and iffy wireless connections, finding the perfect fit can be exhausting. For those that want to ditch the Mac and head out the door with their iPad, this well designed keyboard case will come in handy by allowing its users to get some serious work done without sacrificing the iPad’s portability and touchscreen features.

The Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that will hold a charge of 100 hours of uninterrupted work time. The keyboard is designed with well-spaced and responsive keys to create a laptop-like typing experience, making it faster and more accurate for users. With its auto wake/sleep function, there’s no need for a power button and no need to worry about accidentally draining batteries.

In addition, the case acts as a stand for viewing from multiple angles, while the protective case securely attaches to the iPad, completely covering the front and back to protect against scratches, scrapes and bumps, and providing the iPad with the much needed durability. When done working, simply fold the cover to automatically turn off the keyboard, leaving the iPad in a sleek black protective cable. Thanks to its clever design, thin profile, and light weight, this new release is an effortless choice for those on the go.

The iXCC Bluetooth Keyboard Case is available now for $22.99, and is sold exclusively on Amazon.com where it currently holds a 4.7 star rating. One recent customer said, “Got this baby in the mail yesterday and it was a total ‘no brainer’ hook up to my iPad! I totally love it! As any iPad (or any other tablet) owner knows - its weak link is the ‘touch screen keyboard' - I no longer have to suffer through typing 5 sentences only to read them back and typo's ahoy! Very accurate - great feel and a great price - a must for tablet owners!” With the added benefit of their no-hassle 2-year product replacement warranty, along with iXCC’s friendly customer service, this keyboard case will provide its users with lasting peace of mind.

More information about the iXCC Bluetooth Keyboard Case can be found at: http://amznr.co/prbtkeyboard

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