Santa Monica, CA ( 12PressRelease ) August 31, 2009 Passionate about achieving fast success, Kane Minkus & Jeff Slayter spent the last decade building businesses under close supervision of internationally recognized coaches, high powered executives and CEO trainers.

During that time, they ran, bought, developed and sold over 2 dozen companies, and managed close to 100 Million dollars in investment capital for investors in varying industries.

Most people would quit there! Yet in their endless pursuit for the top tools and techniques, to build their companies at record pace, they continued to spend weekend after weekend in private training with NLP Masters, Executive Coaches, Movement Experts, Leadership ( Consultants, Marketing Gurus, Presentation Masters and Financial Educators.

After learning & testing concepts, integrating and creating new models, they have designed an unparalleled toolbox for Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals to maximize their earning potential and generate a flood of clients and money (

Have you noticed that some people ride the economic swings in constant exhaustion, while others are comfortably and peacefully watching the storm from a distant shore?

Learn how to be on the shore sipping your favorite drink instead of being tossed around the ocean like a little tugboat in a storm.

It‘s time for you to be consciously architecting your next year of financial wealth and stop letting the economy, friends, family or colleagues direct your financial future.

Our rooms are packed with Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals that are all playing a big game this year with their careers and businesses. They are dedicated to learning the tools and techniques that other successful entrepreneurs use on a daily basis, to experience building their practices and businesses with ease.

People who come to our events are looking to have fun, learn incredibly cutting edge techniques in the realms of Sales, Negotiation (, Leadership, Marketing, Presentation Skills and Financial Management and meet other highly success oriented professionals.

Participants in our trainings have met business partners, created investor relationships, new customers, lucrative JV partnerships and even met the love of their lives. With so many, highly focused and energized people in the room, anything is possible!

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