Leadership is not a title; it is a behavior. It is not demarcated based on how long you have been on top. It is not all about having a massive company. It is not measured on how many employees you administer. And most importantly, it is not justified by your age and status in life.

Who would’ve thought that the soul behind the high-rated Search Engine Optimization company Search Shark was a 25-year old young entrepreneur? He is an intelligent man who leads a team of brilliant Digital Marketers. He is a vital man who has already worked with some of the industry’s best companies who trusted him to outsmart and outrank their competitors through managing successful digital marketing campaigns. He is Justin Covas.

Aided by the man whom he met while posting ads for computer repairs, Justin Covas started to explore the online world. In 2010, Search Shark started out without a stable place for transactions. But that didn’t stop Justin Covas to do business with his potential clients. Garnering his first sales, he gradually entered the limelight of the corporate world. One by one he enhanced the materials for Search Shark. He managed to have his first suit and moreover obtained his own office.

Establishing Search Shark was never a piece of cake for Justin Covas. At the beginning of his career, he was not yet financially stable to support his online business. But the odds are in his favor hence Search Shark was able to level up with the training and subsidy he received from BizStart Program. Because of its excellent service in internet marketing, Justin Covas was chosen one of the top 20 young entrepreneurs of BizStart in 2015 for Search Shark.

At a very young age, Justin Covas has already been awarded and nominated by different bodies. He was nominated for the “Young Entrepreneur Award” at the 2015 Ontario Awards by Startup Canada. He won 2015 Martys People’s Choice Award by Mississauga Art Council together with Hazel Mcallion. Apart from his awards, he has acquired a lot of certifications. He was given CompTIA A+ IT Certification; Google Adwords Qualified Professional Certification and YouTube Qualified Individual Certification. Search Shark was also certified in Google Mobile Advertising, Google Adwords, and in Bing Advertising all in 2015.

Despite all his achievements, Justin Covas has often experienced a hard time in his business due to his age. Since his success in owning and administering a high-quality SEO company seemed to not fit his young age, older corporate owners that walk into his office to do business inevitably doubts his capability and authenticity.

However, it didn’t slow down Justin Covas and Search Shark’s goal in paving the way for the business owners to ultimately lead the way in the digital and mobile marketing. Hence, he used it as an everyday motivation to prove them wrong. He didn’t settle for less and continued to conquer big waves in the digital realm.

Justin Covas is not considered leader because he is the CEO of a company that leads imaginative Digital Marketers. He is not a leader because of the client’s that he supported all the way to the top. He is a leader because he has the ability to inspire others to leave remarkable output every day and impart to them that if he succeeds; everyone else will.

Justin Covas
Company: Search Shark Inc
Address: 4470 Tucana Court, Apartment 1911, Mississauga, Ontario, L5R3K8, Canada
Phone: +1 647 234 9942
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Website: http://searchshark.ca/