West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (October 30 2009) - Ideas-4-Pets, a leading UK online retailer of pet housing and associated pet products, have extended their range of heated beds for dogs and cats to ensure that everyone can stay warm and cosy this winter.

While pet owners can put on extra clothing or turn up the heating, cold can be a serious problem for dogs and cats during the winter months, particularly when the heating is turned off when pet owners are out at work, have gone to bed at night and of course for those pets who are stay outside too. With this in mind, Ideas-4-Pets have extended their range of heated beds for dogs and cats, to ensure that pets can stay warm, whether they are at home or on the move.

The new 2009 winter range has been developed to meet different needs and budgets, from fleece-lined beds with heated pads through to thermostatically controlled vinyl heated beds and igloos, as well as insulated dog kennels for outdoors.

"Leaving the heating on all of the time when you're not at home just isn't viable, particularly with utility bills continuing to climb," commented Sue Lloyd of Ideas-4-Pets. "Our range of heated beds offers a perfect solution, providing a comfortable place for dogs and cats to keep warm, without the need to heat the entire house."

To find out more about Ideas-4-Pets products, visit www.ideas-4-pets.com or call 0870 607 3474.