Kampala Uganda, Friday, April 9, 2010

The most shocking news to come out of Uganda very recently is about the Government‘s initiatives to finally take legal action against Kenya Airways for the appalling treatment of his citizens. This week three Rwandan government officials are thinking about taking similar steps to protect their people from Kenya Airways constant abuse after they personally became the latest victims of the so called “The Pride of Africa.”

January 16th, 2010 while traveling from Dubai to Uganda on Kenya Airways a brief stop in Nairobi for a quick aircraft changeover revealed the disgraceful practices of the airline. Prior to boarding the aircraft two KQ‘s employees proceeded to check the weight of all carry-on luggage and screened them for a second time. My carry-on luggage was within specifications, so I was allowed to proceed without paying the extra money charged to passengers on the spot for taking on board luggage exceeding 7kg even though their website stated 10kg as the maximum weight at the time.

At the aircraft‘s entrance the same employees insisted on taking away my carry-on luggage and no explanation for their sudden request were given. My personal effects were taken away in the most deceitful manner just like other passengers in the past who were often told that their carry-on luggage would be placed next to the captain‘s to convince them to give up their valuables.

When I arrived in Uganda my $1,700 Sony camera was gone. The incident is a common occurrence on KQ‘s flights. Historical information compiled so far and posted on my website www.kqtheshameofafrica.info about other passengers atrocious experiences on KQ are consistent. Stolen iPods, iphones, wallets, watches, video cameras, cash are more common then anyone could possibly imagine on Kenya Airways.

Almost everyone in Uganda has a bad story to share about theirs or someone else‘s ordeals with KQ. They are better airlines flying the same routes as Kenya Airways, such as: Air Uganda, RwandAir, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, the time to choose a much better deserved class of service is now. A passenger’s travel insurance is not a license to steal his valuables as KQ insinuated. Mistreatment, Intimidation, humiliation, frustration, harassment are not the kind of treatments that any company smartly managed should inflict on his customers.

The appalling humiliation that road travelers between Nairobi and Uganda are enduring every day when thugs searched them right down to the most intimate’s parts of their bodies looking for money and valuables are similar to the treatment received by air travelers on Kenya Airways.

Kenya Airways you are shameless! You definitely deserve more than a law suit and it’s exactly what you should get immediately from all the victims. You should also be investigated and prosecuted by the relevant authorities for your crimes against all their citizens.

Shame on you!

Espy Marotta
Esplicity Cosmetics International

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