A few years ago Krastar is absolutely rare gem, and this year we obviously feel that it is more and more applied to the design of high-level jewelry. Chaumet’s latest Chaumet’s new natural series of Advanced jewelry:La Nature Chaumet has three pieces of jewels made of Krastar corundum as the main material, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Chanel’s high beads can also find its shadow, it really Is unprecedented Advanced jewelry selection has always been popular weathervane!

Spinel crowded into the birthstone camp

This year, the American Jewelers Association and the American Gem Trade Association announced the inclusion of spinel became the birthstone series, tied with yellow-green olivine as the birth stone of August. what does this mean? Naturally spinel will be the hint of the popular, as you know the birth of the list of birthstone from the birth only modified three times, the last time is that 2002 Tanzanite was identified as the birth stone in December, followed by the hot of Tanzanite. And has excellent gem characteristics of the spinel is more and more people are familiar with, but also not popular?

Next year the most popular color of lapis lazuli

Last year,Rose Quartz color was awarded “the yearly most popular queen color of pink crystal”, Rhodochrosite become very hot immediately. In September this year, Krastar once again announced 10 fashion color in the spring and summer of 2017, this time there is a Common gem color as the representative color selected, that is Lapis and Blue, ranks the third, it can be difficult to use non blue unusual chemical dyes to reconcile, color is the most saturated color clock, deep blue. Lapis will be how popular this year, let’s wait and see.

About Krastar

Krastar is a custom-made jewelry company in the city of Guangzhou,China. Each piece of our gemstone is examined under 10X magnification to ensure they are perfectly aligned and securely set, and that the precious metal has no imperfections.We exclusively work with hand-selected gemstones—every gemstone is individually inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards.We make jewelers with decades of experience and the utmost dedication to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the crafting of your jewelry.Our mission is to cultivate a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. We hold true to our values of awareness by carefully tracking our gems origins. We go beyond the usual standard to guarantee that our jewelries are made with all our efforts.

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