KTC Capital Management Signal Buy on US Municipal Bonds

(12PressRelease.com) KTC Capital Management has a solution for battered investors have been abandoning the muni bond market at a fast pace for months over fears of a sustained recession and political havoc in state capitals across America.

The mass exodus from this fixed income security has caused an under-value condition for most major muni issuers, providing smart investors who have waited on the sidelines an opportunity to get some significant bargains.

Municipal bonds are predominantly popular among wealthy individual investors because the earnings derived from numerous classes of these debt securities are tax exempt. Nearly 42% of the $2.7 trillion muni-bond market is held by individuals, says the Federal Reserve.

Most of these investors have become deeply concerned by relentless accounts of state and local fiscal troubles. Demonstrations protesting efforts by a handful of Republican governors to reduce union influence at state houses and municipal complexes in Indiana, Ohio, and other states have only added to worries that state and local governments are weakened financially, potentially nearing default on their debt obligations in the near term.

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