The Ministry of Education in Taiwan applies SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server developed by SuperGeo, as the platform to manage the land for education. This platform efficiently integrates land data and facilitates the use of education land.

The land for education can be traced back to Ching Dynasty when the local people who were enthusiastic about education donated their own lands for schools, called the Land for Education Foundation Property (LEFP). The Ministry of Education in Taiwan now owns 5,643 pieces of LEFP. Being private lands, LEFP is different from public lands and thus difficult to manage.

For improving the efficiency of land use and management, the Ministry of Education planned to establish a WebGIS platform to completely integrate the data of LEFP, including cadastre, affiliated buildings, lease, occupancy, rental, scene photos, transfer, etc. The personnel can hence utilize and share the data easily via WebGIS, which would facilitate effective use and management of the lands. Therefore, the good intentions of LEFP could be put into practice and benefit more students.

Besides the basic related cadastral information of LEFP, the WebGIS also supports to overlay different spatial layers including digital terrain maps, land use district area of urban planning districts, and the maps of current transportation network, such as railway, city streets, and country roads. Meanwhile, the system also provides users with diverse GIS manipulation functions.

To ensure database security, strict authorization and security authentication mechanism are also offered in this project. All the editing motions will be recorded clearly. If there is no operation performed after a certain time, the system will automatically operate protection mechanism by logging out the system for preventing the information being stolen.

The application adopts SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server developed by SuperGeo Technologies, to manage the special data and process the web application separately, enabling users to edit, query, and manage numerous LEFP data effectively through the Internet browser.

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